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The Cans Pavilion, a collective installation

Environmental sustainability has always been one of the fundamental principles on which Nameless Festival has been built since its founding in 2013. Commitment to the local area and attention to the impact the festival can generate has always been a major priority.

In Edition 2023, this focus on sustainability took place through a significant collaboration with the territory’s waste management company SILEA. In particular, the festival faced one of the most evident environmental challenges: the recycling of aluminum cans, one of the most waste produced during the event.

Together with SILEA, Nameless Festival and Studio Vitali artists came up with an innovative initiative that directly involved the public. A singular art installation was created within the festival area, which not only addressed the issue of aluminum waste, but also actively involved spectators in the creation of a work of art with ecological value.

The installation gave new life to recycled aluminum cans, transforming them into a work that reflected the festival’s efforts for sustainability. The public, following the directions of Studio Vitali artists, who were responsible for coordinating and creating the installation, had the opportunity to actively participate in the artistic composition of the work.

In addition to promoting recycling and sustainability, the art installation also offered the public an exclusive new panoramic viewpoint. This became a place where viewers could enjoy a beautiful and unique view of the festival and have a truly exciting and immersive experience.

The collaboration between SILEA, Nameless Festival and Studio Vitali demonstrated how sustainability can be an engine of innovation and creativity. Through art and audience engagement, it was possible to turn an environmental challenge into an opportunity to create a positive and lasting impact. This partnership made the 2023 Edition even more meaningful, highlighting how sustainability can be an integral part of a festival that aims to inspire and engage.