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Health & Safety, Rules

Forbidden objects

All items deemed ineligible will be immediately removed and will not be retrievable.
The organization has the right to change the list at any time and add other prohibited items.

Illegal substances, drugs and medicines without medical prescription.

Every kind of weapon, self-defence spray and every object that can be eliged as harmful.

Flamable liquids, spray cans of every kind, firecrackers.

Food and beverage coming from the outside.

Frisbees, boomerangs and other flying objects.

Umbrellas, chairs, sleeping bags.

Bikes, skateboards, hover-boards and whatever kind of vehicle with or without an engine.

Animals, except for the ones for service animals.

Camera sticks, wands, laser pens, flashlight.

Music instruments and trumpets.

Drones, DSLRs and professional cameras (GoPro is allowed)

Work tools



Ban under 18

Access is allowed to everyone. We require the presence of a parent/legal guardian under 18 years old.


Wristband is mandatory.

Every attendee must wear the wristband provided by the organization. The wristband is sent by express courier or has to be withdrawn at the local box office. The wristband must be working and undamaged. Any damage to the wristband (cut of the lanyard, break of the tag) will lead to a direct exclusion from the event.


Just one access.

The ticket (pass ticket or daily ticket) is valid for just a daily access. Once out from the festival area won’t be possible to access again using the same ticket during the same day, without any exception.


No day switch.

The daily ticket is valid only and exclusively for the date specified during the purchase. It won’t be possible to change the data afterwards.


Alcool over 18

Alcohol consuption is reserved to adults over 18 years. Those can “unlock” the possibility to purchase alcoholics showing a valid document (ID Card, Passport, driving license) to the designed staff people. Despite the wristband presence, the organization can verify the age, if retained appropriate, even during the selling service.


Adequate behavior

An adequate behavior towards people and things is required inside and outside the festival. An inadequate behavior can cause a removal from the festival, with the unquestionable judgment of the security officers The expulsion from the festival leads to the cancellation of the ticket. For this reason, anyone removed won’t have the possibility to access again the event in any of the sequent days.


Eligibility verification

The organization has the right to verify the eligibility of any attendee at the festival entrance. Refusing to submit to the verification leads to the immediate exclusion from the manifestation and to the consequent cancellation of the ticket.


Follow the rules

The organization has the right to do not validate the access to the festival if the rules aren’t respected, or eventually according to its unquestionable judgment.


Do not throw objects.

Throwing or passing object through the festival fences is forbidden. This behavior leads to the removal or exclusion from the event.