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Sephora Summer Club takes care of your look

The 2023 Edition of Nameless Festival saw another extraordinary collaboration take shape, this time with makeup brand Sephora. This partnership brought a touch of style and creativity in a whole new way: through the creation of an area dedicated to the public’s look.

Sephora and Nameless joined forces to offer the public the opportunity to complete their look right on the spot with personal make-up. The Sephora area, well positioned within the festival, became a focal point for those who had the desire to express their individuality through makeup. A total of 10 make-up stations, each with a talented make-up artist ready to create the chosen style for participants.

The magic of this collaboration lay in customisation. Sephora’s make-up artists were ready to create the looks chosen by the clients: from bright and bold tints to the most sophisticated shades, each participant had the opportunity to achieve a festival look perfectly suited to the vibrant atmosphere and emotions of Nameless Festival. One of the highlights of this collaboration was free access to this professional makeup service. It was not just about make-up, but a way to express one’s personality and connect with the creative spirit of the festival.

The partnership between Sephora and Nameless Festival demonstrated how beauty and art can merge to create moments of joy and self-expression.. With this collaboration, Sephora added a touch of glamour to the 2023 Edition of Nameless Festival.