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One Take Box, Guess talks backstage

The 2023 edition of Nameless Festival saw an even deeper collaboration between the acclaimed GUESS Originals brand and the festival, but this time with a different focus. Differently from last year’s project, the collaboration focused on bringing to light the behind-the-scenes of the show, resulting in an immersive and intimate experience for music fans.

At the heart of this collaboration emerged the idea of setting up an “Interview Box” positioned near the Live Stage. Goal? To capture the words and emotions of artists shortly before or shortly after riding the Nameless Festival’s stage. The Interview Box was not just a physical space, but a portal through which viewers could immerse themselves in the stories, anecdotes and passions that drove the careers of their favorite artists.

A key aspect of this initiative was the participation of ONE TAKE FM as a Media Partner. Their editorial expertise and ability to create an intimate and authentic atmosphere produced a great result, adding a level of depth and creating a comfortable environment for the artists. Interviews were streamed live on the Twitch channel, allowing viewers to witness the emotions in real time.

Through the Interview Box, backstage was made accessible, allowing viewers to empathize with the experiences and passions that drive the music of their favorite artists. It was not just about the show, but about making meaningful connections between artists and audiences.