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E-VAI and a collective mission

During the 2023 edition, Nameless decided to implement a series of activities that would incentivize and reward responsible behavior by the public with respect to environmental protection and sustainability principles. In this way, a multi-year path named “TRACELESS – Mission Zero Impact” was launched, to be conducted together with the community to lead the festival to achieve the greatest possible margin of improvement in terms of environmental impact.

The partnership with the car sharing service E-VAI was born precisely in accordance with that vision. Seventy-six percent of those attending the ninth edition of Nameless Festival turned out not to be residents within the province hosting the festival; from this it can be easily inferred how much influence the travel component has.

The activation of a dedicated service with reserved assistance, as well as the possibility of complimentary enjoyment of one of Nameless 2023’s attractions to all those who had reached the festival in a sustainable way using an electric vehicle from the E-VAI fleet and sharing it with at least 3 other passengers, made the operation a success by largely achieving the set goals and defining an excellent reference case history for subsequent years. To ensure the service, 6 electric vehicle charging stations were also installed within the main parking lot serving the festival.