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Nameless è cashless, bracciale

Why Cashless?

Everything works through the RFID wristband that you wearduring the event. It’s your ticket and your payment system. Totally safe, comfortable and always with you. You can top-up online everywhere avoiding cues, or at our top up desks.

What's it for?

You can access the festival and all our services through the wristband: food, beverage and official merchandise!

Activate the wristband

How to get it?

Every ticket purchased equals to a wristband. You’ll receive it at home before the festival, to the adress specified during the purchase.

We won’t ship wristband out of Italy. International attendees will collect it at the festival’s gate showing their email receipt.It’s personal and non-transferable, and it must be worn at the event. It’s not possible to remove the wristband once tightened to the wrist.

Nameless è cashless, ragazza che balla
Nameless è cashless, ragazze che ballano

How to top up?

Instructions for recharging your wristband are available. You will be able to create an account to which you can associate your wristband and top up the amount you want, while also accessing special promotions valid only online.

If you already have an account from last years’ you’ll be able to link your new wristband to the same profile, gaining access to your old credit.

Read the instructions

FAQ Cashless

You can receive the refund only if you have a Weez account!

Refund will be availble only for amounts over 10€.

You can top-up the wallet through the webpage (Only if you have an account).

Rember that if you top up without an account you won't be able to access refunds.

Can I top-up money by cash and by card?

You can top up with card online and at the festival, with cash at the festival only.

Why configure a personal account before the festival?

Create an account before the festival and set up an automatic top up in order to avoid lines at the festival. With an account you'll be able to access refund for the next edition! You'll receive it as free token for the next year's festival.

Do I have to use the cashless system for my payments?

Yes, all internal payments are subject to the cashless system.

Which is the top-up cost?

Top up has no additional cost. Top up before the festival to access some special promo.

Wristband activation

Wristband activation is mandatory to access the festival. You need to do it, visiting this page. You'll need the transaction code and the confirmation email you have received from ciaotickets