Nameless Music Festival 2022

Crowd 100.000
Stages 4
Artists 110

“Nameless Music Festival has a soul. It has its own history and identity. It has a relationship with its audience that has been built over the years in a very sincere and intense way."

Damir Ivic - Soundwall

Nameless Music Festival 2019

Crowd 54.000
Stages 3
Artists 70

“Nameless is stronger than you: than the things you are used to, your securities, your clichés, your habits, your resignations about - ... some things in Italy can never be done. -
Yet they can be done: as long as you give them a distinctive flavor, and an overall clarity of vision."

Damir Ivic - Soundwall

Nameless Music Festival 2018

Crowd 40.000
Stages 3
Artists 63

“We can firmly confirm Nameless Music Festival as the leading EDM event in the Italian peninsula, [...] not only because of its’ location, its’ variegated lineups, its’ good spaces’ organisation and the affordable pricing, but also because of the familiar atmosphere that you can breathe when walking through. If you’re planning a trip to Italy in the first week of June, NMF is an experience to consider."

The Groove Cartel

Nameless Music Festival 2017

Crowd 30.000
Stages 2
Artists 54

Nameless Music Festival 2016

Crowd 24.000
Stages 2
Artists 51

Nameless Music Festival 2015

Crowd 15.000
Stages 2
Artists 43

Nameless Music Festival 2014

Crowd 9.000
Stages 1
Artists 20

Nameless Music Festival 2013

Crowd 4.000
Stages 1
Artists 23

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