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The wristband is your ticket and your payment system.
Carefully follow the instructions on this page to activate it, top it up and purchase additional services.


Activate your wristband now

  • The wristband is your ticket: you must activate it in order to enter the festival.
  • Please note: once worn, it will not be possible to remove it without causing its cancellation so only wear it before going to the festival.
  • The wristband is strictly personal. It must be intact and correctly applied for the entire duration of the event.
  • If damaged, it must be replaced for a fee at the ticket office, before entering the festival.


Recharge your wristband now

  • You will need the wristband to purchase all services within Nameless.
  • Upload it now to access promos and save money.
  • Uploading wristbands has no additional costs other than uploaded credit.
  • Tokens cannot be converted back into money. If the remaining credit on your bracelet is 10€ or more it will remain available for Nameless 24! The lower credit will be lost.


Buy your parking pass

  • Passes are available for P1 GREEN parking lots 5 minutes away and P2 RED parking lots 10 minutes walk from the festival gates.
  • E-ticket sale is provided: you can show the ticket at the entrance directly from your cell phone, or print it at home.
  • Passes can be purchased with Scalapay: pay in 3 installments over 3 months.
  • Parking opening hours: 13:00 – 02:00. No parking/camping is allowed during closing hours.
  • Traffic will be subject to changes due to the large turnout at the festival, we recommend that you follow the routes indicated on the e-ticket you will receive via email after purchase.


Buy your shuttle ticket

  • Single day pass includes 2 rides (round trip), 3 Days pass includes 6 rides (round trip for each day of the festival).
  • Departure from Lecco, Via Badoni – Service operates continuously from 14:00 to 20:00 and 00:00 to 03:00.
  • E-ticket sale is provided: you can show the ticket directly from your cell phone, or print it at home.
  • This event can be purchased with Scalapay: pay in 3 installments over 3 months.

FAQ Cashless

You can receive the refund only if you have a Weez account!

Refund will be availble only for amounts over 10€.

You can top-up the wallet through the webpage (Only if you have an account).

Rember that if you top up without an account you won't be able to access refunds.

Can I top-up money by cash and by card?

You can top up with card online and at the festival, with cash at the festival only.

Why configure a personal account before the festival?

Create an account before the festival and set up an automatic top up in order to avoid lines at the festival. With an account you'll be able to access refund for the next edition! You'll receive it as free token for the next year's festival.

Do I have to use the cashless system for my payments?

Yes, all internal payments are subject to the cashless system.

Which is the top-up cost?

Top up has no additional cost. Top up before the festival to access some special promo.

Wristband activation

Wristband activation is mandatory to access the festival. You need to do it, visiting this page. You'll need the transaction code and the confirmation email you have received from ciaotickets

FAQ Ticket

My ticket is marked as shipped, but I didn’t receive it.

If the order status is "to ship" the address can be modified. Otherwise, if it's marked as shipped you can't change the address. In any case both the status are not related to the shipping. Wait for the GLS tracking e-mail.

My wristband hasn’t delivered yet. What should I do?

Don't worry, If you didn't yet received sms or e-mail with the tracking number, your order hasn't been shipped. We ship Mon-Fri, with a constant daily number. When the parcel is scanned from the courier you receive a confirmation e-mail containing the tracking number.

I have received a stock notifice, but I have to contact the sender to release it.

Contact our support team through this form. Remember to specify your full address (Street, Number, City, ZIP and Province/State). To schedule a new delivery it will be necessary to send us a phone number and a valid mail address.

I have received the GLS tracking number, but my wristband isn’t yet delivered.

Follow the tracking on GLS' website, using the shipping number. Insert the code without VM. If the order is marked as delivered, and you didn't receive it, you can open a ticket here. We'll take care of the issue.

I bought two tickets but I have received just one.

Tickets are shipped by purchase date. We don't group your orders. If you made more than one purchase, the other tickets are going to be delivered soon.

How can I recover my purchase receipt?

You can ask your purchase receipt through ciaotickets' customer service (

How can I change the name on the ticket?

The name can be changed on the website of our ticketing company. Visit

I live abroad. How do i get my wristband?

Those who bought tickets from abroad will collect wristbands at the box office placed at the festival's gate with the purchase receipt and a valid ID.

I’ve bought my ticket after May 23rd. How do I get it?

Tickets bought after May 23rd will be collected at the box office placed at the festival's gate with the purchase receipt and a valid ID.

When I’ll receive my wristband?

Wristbands will be shipped in May. You'll receive an email with tracking code at the mail you've completed your purchase with. Tickets will be shipped only in Italy, for those who bought before May 23rd.

FAQ Trasporti

Can I come to the festival with different cars?

Yes, the car pass isn't linked to the plate. The QR code is sufficient to gain access to the parking.

How often the shuttles depart?

The shuttle service from/to Lecco is active from 14:00 to 20:00 and from 00:00 to 02:00. The service, based on times, is on with no stops.

Is it possible to buy the parking pass before the festival?

Of course! P1 is the nearest parking to Nameless Park. P2 is a bit farther, but it's not necessary to pick another vehicle: the distance is around 600 meters.

Where do I buy the shuttle pass?

You can buy the pass directly from here.

Where’s the shuttle pick-up point?

Shuttles departs from Lecco, Via Badoni, and arrives at festival without intermediate stops